May 21, 2024

How does an electric fence work?

warning_electric_fence_sign_thumbThe fence energizer puts a high voltage pulse of electric energy on the fence wire at 1 to 2 second intervals.

In ideal conditions the energizer, the electric fence and the ground wire form an incomplete circuit. When an animal comes into contact with the fence while standing on the ground, the electric circuit is completed. Electrons immediately flow through the animal’s body from fence wire to ground. This is experienced as a shock. The shock will only be respected and repel the animal if the voltage and energy in the pulse are at adequate levels.

Voltage and energy levels in the pulse are determined by the capability of the fence energizer, the condition of your fence and the quality of the ground system. Generally, a minimum of 2,000 volts must be maintained on the fence line to repel most animals. Many animals require several shock experiences before they are fully conditioned with lasting respect for the fence.


We always recommend building your fence to be an electric fence.

• You can turn it off or on depending on your needs.
• It is more cost effective to include electricity at the beginning rather than retrofitting.
• Electric fences help as a training aide to your horses and prolong the beauty and life of your fence.


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